Mysteries of Bakerville

A story about a steam cookie named Sherry and her faithful sidekick, W the cat! Okay, so her cat mainly just sleeps in the pastdue office space but still he’s an intricate part of the team.

Manuel surprised me with this oneshot comic. After the heavy four issue mini series, Distant, I had him pegged for a dark gloomy type of creator. He showed his comedic side with the Not-So-Distant mini comic (Available for download on the Instant Press website) but I didn’t expect him to be able to create a whole new world of fun characters and scenery. While In Distant, you get the coldness of the world around the characters whereas Sherry has such a lush beautiful world and the colors make it that more lively.

I’m proud to present a fully colored comic by the very creative and talented Manuel Preitano and let’s not forget his great editor Rick Maloney.

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